the end of the mess is near.

do you hear that?  that jumping up and down?  that giddy laugh?  that sheer excitement?  yeah, that’s me.  it’s been almost three weeks since it happened…a privilege that i have taken for granted for far too long was no longer at my disposal.  and the pile of clothes?  let’s just say it is much larger than i’d like to admit.  thankfully, we have awesome friends who not only assisted with getting the room ready for the new machines, but allowed to to wash a few essentials here and there.  i have nothing against the laundromat, i just didn’t exactly plan my schedule around needing to go somewhere to wash our dirties.  and with a baby there are a lot of dirties.

the project isn’t totally complete – in fact, we discovered one more thing that needs to be done now that the machines are installed – and it needs to be done soon or the pile will continue to grow.  but it’s ok, and i’m still excited for the end of the tunnel is getting closer!

now that my hubby has officially had lessons in installing tile, i think it’s time to move on to a kitchen renovation. ;)

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