the beginning.

as i was pondering what to post about today, i was reflecting on a recent conversation with a potential client.  of course, being the obsessive person that i am, much of my reflection was i should have said that – not said that – or explained it like this…but, it is what it is, and i hope i communicated effectively (even though i still wish there was a rewind button on life at times)!

beyond the self-critique of my over-the-phone communication skills, i began to explore the realm of how i got to where i am today.  my history in photography.  and so, today, i’ll go back.  all the way back…to the beginning.

it was 1990.  i got, for my birthday, a camera.  but not just any camera.  it was a vivitar ps33.  it. was. awesome. it was so awesome that it accompanied me on a trip to disneyland and i documented everything.  oh, and did i mention my camera was awesome?  yeah, it was.  you see, my sister had one of those skinny, 110 film cameras…and me?  mine was waaaaaayyyy better.  mine had a sliding lens cover.  on mine, i could open the back door and actually watch the film advance while i clicked the shutter.  yeah, it was cool.  so cool that i showed everyone how it worked on that trip – and watched it work several times myself.  i seem to remember someone telling me that i shouldn’t open the door, but i couldn’t resist.  it was just sooooo cool.

the trip ended, and i was so excited to get that roll of film developed so i could look back and relive the memories.  it was before the days of one-hour-photo, and i remember anxiously awaiting the day when we could pick up my pictures.  my first works of photographic art taken with my very own camera.

the day came.  i was as giddy as my daughter gets when she takes a nibble of daddy’s chocolate chip cookie.  i was shaking with excitement.

and then my dreams of the most beautiful pictures in the world came crashing down in one moment that felt like eternity.  WHERE ARE ALL MY PICTURES?!?!  i freaked.  there were only two prints that came out of my envelope with a note on the returned film roll – overexposed.  OVEREXPOSED?!  how could they possibly be overexposed?  i don’t even know what that means!!

that day i learned a valuable lesson.  if i wanted to be able to view the images that i was capturing with my vivitar point-and-shoot awesomeness, i could not and would not be opening the back camera door ever again.  (i even remember asking my dad to load and unload the film for me the first few times after that whole event.  i made sure it never happened again…ever)

now, many years later i am thankful, oh so very thankful for advances in technology and advances in my knowledge of photography.  and i’ll bet my clients are too. ;)


to start my journey as a journalistic photographer, i had a family member take a picture of me – i know, i know…i’m a total fasionistia.

and this?  well, all good photographers know you have to capture the details.  and this is the one detail i have from that trip – and that first roll of 35mm film.  untouched.  unedited.  straight out of the camera goodness.

the most incredible part?  that i still have these two photographs after all these years.  so i never forget where i came from and how hard i’ve worked to get here.

(and by the way, i still haven’t changed much.  i have yet to go without a minor heart attack when i lose a picture that i know i once took)

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