Summertime is here!

Summertime is finally here!  At least according to my calendar it is.  For the rest of you it might not actually begin until the 20th, but I’m starting early this year…and pretty much do every year.  The ’11-’12 school year has come to an end, my classroom is cleaned out, my keys are turned in, and “spring” cleaning has finally begun.  Yes, it’s summer!

I have many items on my to-do list for this long awaited season, but residing at the top is to love on my girls as much as I possibly can.  And while it might be difficult as we are attempting potty training with the 2.5 year-old starting today, I am also determined to get outside quite a bit – whether it be to the park, the lake, on walks to visit daddy at work, swimming lessons that begin in a few weeks, or just going down the slide in the front yard – as these white-skinned ladies are going to get some sun!


Reaghan will be 3 in October, and Kenzie just turned 6 months last week.  Wouldn’t you be eager to spend every minute with these little gals, too?!

At 6 months, Kenzie is getting around more and is often seen in different positions.  The most common is lovingly referred to as the “skydiver.”  With a little help, she can hold herself on all fours, and at other times rocks out the “stinkbug” (most commonly seen when she’s napping).

She’s been able to sit up for a few weeks, but only recently does it without the support of her arms and hands.  It was a little bit trickier on the bed. ;)

It’s ok, though.  When she falls over, she’s perfectly content to play with her fingers and toes!

She got that tongue from her daddy.

Love those baby toes!

The really great thing about having a baby in the house that doesn’t mind being photographed is that it makes the toddler want attention, too!  After months of chasing her around with the camera, she will now willingly sit and smile (as long as you let her see the back afterward).

Happy Summer to you!

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