somebody has to say it.

this past weekend was a blast.  i had the opportunity to photograph an adorable 2 month old baby, a high school senior, and a sweet couple all in one day.  originally, i had 5 shoots scheduled for the day, but 2 had to re-schedule for which i was glad as i would have driven myself batty trying to squeeze them all into one 10 hour period.

i have blogged in the past about our routines when we go down to the bay area – and how on each trip we stop to get starbucks.  this trip was no different…until our trip home.  we don’t typically stop in oakley for coffee on the way out, but after a week of being up waaaayyyy past our bedtimes, and then a weekend with this continued pattern, we were exhausted.  we pulled up to the take-out window and she handed us our grande peppermint white mochas (a savored cup of calories).  but there was something different about these mochas.  they had a weird lid plug that i had never seen before.

and that brings me to another episode of love vs. hate.

1.) as much as i hate to say it, i love starbucks.  especially the white peppermint mocha.  it is my favorite.  and it miraculously cured me of my pounding headache this afternoon (because the three excedrine migraine pills and 32 ounces of water didn’t work).

2.) i love my baby girl.  she is a pure delight and brings me joy all the time.  she meows like a siamese cat anytime she sees something with fur (even road kill-looking dog toys or random toys at wal-mart).  she giggles like crazy – and if you don’t believe me, add me on facebook and you can see for yourself!

3.) i love crawling into bed after a weekend away.  don’t get me wrong, i love getting to visit family, too…but there’s something wonderful about returning home.  the mattress just feels extra comfortable.

1.) ok, back to those weird, new, starbucks lid plugs.  at first i was like, “cool…they should have thought of these a long time ago” (excuse the jr. higher in me).  and i went to remove it…and it’s not just a plug, it’s a coffee lid sip hole splash stick lid stopper.  and all of that is ok, except for the stick part.  it’s long – as in, once you remove it from the cup it drips on your lap because you’re driving and don’t have two hands….and then you take a sip, but don’t put the plug back in because it will get wet again…but then you hit a bump in the road and your mocha literally pops out of the sip hole and splashes on your lap…so now you’ve wasted a good few sips on your jeans…and yeah…shoulda put the plug back in.  i don’t like it.  i want to use it, but don’t appreciate the way it works.  yes, i admit.  i am a hater who couldn’t help but point out the conundrum involved in the logic of this little piece of plastic.  i don’t ever remember spilling coffee from a starbucks cup before this little invention entered my vehicle.


interesting.  that’s all i have for today.  i must be in a good mood.  maybe i should go to bed before midnight on a regular basis.

happy monday!

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