seasons change – again.

you know how, in conversation, when you run out of things to say everyone seems to talk about the weather?  well, this is one of those posts.  but the truth is, i haven’t run out of things to say…i’m just not ready to post what i want to say.  i have posts…senior posts, engagement posts, faq posts, and more….they’re just not ready yet, so instead i’ll talk about the weather.

it wasn’t very long ago that i finally got around to wishing everyone a happy fall…in fact, it was just two weeks ago.  yesterday, the weather changed.  i was subbing in a third grade class and you would have thought there was a tornado, a ufo sighting, or some other unlikely event occurring in that classroom around 8:35am.  the rain changed to snow…and the kids instantly transformed from children into hyenas.  yes, it was that drastic.  i discovered that the sound of my voice was like charlie brown’s teacher: “wa wa, wa wa, wa wa.”  i held it together, and eventually got them back in their seats…and looked over the lesson plans.  there was about a half hour of “silent choice” time in the afternoon and i thought to myself that ain’t happenin. plan b.  improvise.  i downloaded a directed art movie from the fabulous resource that is california streaming and we finished off the day with a little quiet time – drawing snowmen.  :)

so i survived the work day, enjoyed the first corn chowder of the cold season, cranked up the fire, and went to bed early.  this morning, the sun is out, the snow is quickly melting, and i’m smiling for it’s not officially winter…yet.  (i keep saying i need to move to hawaii ‘cuz this winter thing isn’t really my cup-‘o-tea.  someday i’ll adjust and not have to wear sweats, hooded sweaters, and socks in my flannel sheet-ed bed!)

i’m sorry.  that was truly the most boring post, ever. i’ll do better tomorrow.  promise.

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  • November 10, 2010 - 6:53 pm

    Marjana - Well, I got to the end of the post, so it couldn’t have been boring. I agree on the weather thing, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to adjust.ReplyCancel