i only missed three days of my monday through friday routine, but it feels like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. since i last posted on the blog.  it was a very exciting week.  last monday the laundry room renovation began and was going well until the new plumbing for the hot water lines decided to leak.  it made for an interesting tuesday as the issue was troubleshooted and repaired…and by the end of the day the cold started leaking.  all this was going on as i was packing and getting the house ready to leave for the remainder of the week.  we had to get on the road that evening as i had scheduled photo shoots down in the bay area that began at 9:30 the following morning.  we turned off the water and left…

(you may also remember from last week that our electric heat pump wasn’t working and we called a repair guy in to look at that as reece was much too busy getting the laundry room to a point that we could leave it for a few days…and by the time he got here, the hot water was back on and we discovered that you can’t trust everything printed in a home listing.  apparently, the heat that services our back bedroom requires hot water to run through the coils…and well, when the hot water is off, of course it won’t work.  frustrating, to say the least, but at least we now know.)

back to the trip…from wednesday to sunday we had a wonderful time visiting both of our families and meeting with clients.  over the 5.5 days we enjoyed two thanksgiving dinners (i’ll be exercising like crazy now), an overnight trip to placerville (and several hours sitting in traffic on the freeway), and six photo shoots (two seniors, an engagement, and three family sessions).  needless to say i have a very busy schedule ahead of me!

while each client will get an individual post as i complete the editing on their session, today i will share about princess…the rudest and cutest client i’ve encountered.

princess was not a paying customer.  in fact, she didn’t even contact me in advance to schedule her shoot.  she simply showed up.  and interrupted.  and wanted us to photograph her instead of the clients we were scheduled to photograph at that time.

princess arrived at the end of our family session and stayed until we left the area with our engagement session.  she wanted all the attention for herself.  she was very persistent so we decided that she earned her moment of fame.  we then kindly asked her to leave.  and when she wouldn’t leave, we picked her up and moved her…again and again.  i was starting to think that she wanted the couple we were photographing to adopt her.  they declined.  sorry princess…

you’re still beautiful.

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