piles here, clutter there…scattered brain, ya’ll beware.

it never fails.  whether i’m working full-time, part-time, or not at all, it always seems that i get the bug (more like overwhelming urge) to clean out around this time of year.  as in, throw everything i possibly can away.  as in, i can’t function because i feel like i have stashed and stored and collected and piled everything over the past year and all the stuff (a.k.a. junk) makes me crazy.  i’m sure reece has learned to just expect it, and secretly rolls his eyes as soon as the madness kicks in, and gears up and gets ready for the never ending question – do you still need this? (or, can i throw this away?  why do we still have this?  what is this?)

it happened last week.  i literally felt my brain click over from sane to insane as i suddenly realized that somehow i let the viciousness of clutter take over once again in 2010.  you’d think i’d know better by now.  and once it happens, it has to be dealt with before the start of 2011.  it must.  i have to start out the year fresh.  and so it begins…reviewing the year, organizing the mess, cleaning out the clutter, more organizing, more reviewing, more throwing away.  it is beneficial, though.  it helps me get everything together for the two phases of taxes – business and personal – that are quickly approaching.  and it helps me to have a clear head when starting out the new year.

on friday i have my last two photo shoots of the year.  so it’s official…as of this friday i hereby give myself two weeks off to organize life.  how i look forward to friday!

and because my house is cluttered, so is my brain.  and this post makes absolutely no sense!  but either way it feels like an appropriate time for another installment of love vs. hate.

1.) i love being able to watch my baby grow up (because i work part time – and the majority of it is from home).  she is walking all over the place now, and gives lots of cuddles.  at almost 14 months old she brings so much delight to this crazy momma.

2.) i love my new washer and dryer.  and my almost finished re-modeled laundry room.  i knew i would, but i do more than i thought.  it’s fabulous.  simply fabulous.  more than the machines, i love being caught up on laundry and getting rid of the piles of clothes in inconspicuous corners of the room.  one step closer to getting organized. ;P

3.) now that the laundry room is almost back together, the family room is almost back to looking like a family room…for which i am truly grateful.  reece said he was surprised that it didn’t bother me to have the house in such disarray for so long.  we both know it was truly a miracle.

4.) i love making lists, and checking them twice.  who am i kidding…i check them so many times i can’t even count.  and i make so many it’s quite pitiful.  but today i am excited for i only have two items left on my to-do list for the day.  and then i’ll think of more items to add to it…but i’ll just start a new list.

1.) it comes as no surprise that i hate messes.  and i know i’m like a broken record about it.  somehow i think that writing it down is a form of venting my frustrations and helps to alleviate the stress i experience inside.  i’m getting better about them, seeing as i now have a child to clean up after as well…and with the child came a total transformation of my decor – clean space has suddenly been replaced with stuffed animals, puzzles, instruments, and plastic balls…but i still feel an immense amount of relief when things around me are orderly…it’s weird really, how much better i can focus once a few things are straightened up.  my poor daughter.  just when she finally gets all her toys strategically strewn about the room, mommy comes by and cleans them all up.  i think she prefers to make messes over actually playing with toys at this point in her life anyway.

2.) i hate junk mail.  and i hate piles.  why do the two go hand in hand?  it seems that every time i sort through a pile i end up throwing more than half of it away.  why it didn’t make it in the trash before being piled always baffles me.  i can only blame myself as i am the queen of piles – they just seem much more tidy than papers strewn all over the place.

3.) i need a hair cut.  and as much as i usually love the end result, i hate taking the time to get it done.  after all, there are so many more useful ways i could use that time otherwise spent sitting in a chair at the salon.  it’s been just over a year now since my last cut.  ok, ok.  i’ll make an appointment.

4.) i hate getting older.  it dawned on me the other day (well, in all honesty, it’s been haunting me for several months now) that i only have a couple months left in my twenties.  how does it happen so fast?

random much?  happy monday!

OH!  and i LOVE my awesome hubby for buying peppermint white mocha coffee creamer – and then making me a delicious cup this morning.  it’s not starbucks, but it still makes me happy!

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  • December 13, 2010 - 12:26 pm

    Ginny - This is a scary post Katie. It was like you were reading my mind. Every single Love and Hate are my daily struggles and joys. Even the last line about the peppermint white mocha creamer made me laugh. I can’t stop drinking those this holiday season. Are we the same person?

    On a cleaning note…I got a Shark steam mop. Oh my goodness. I love the thing. Costco has them for $79 and it was worth every single penny. I just finished my dining room floor and it got dried, gunked applesauce off the floor like a pro. That to me was the ultimate test because I swear I never get the chance to wipe up applesauce when it’s still wet.

    Happy Monday!ReplyCancel

    • December 15, 2010 - 1:22 pm

      katrina - that’s hilarious, gin! i picked up the steam mop yesterday and can’t wait to try it out…the hardwood floors will be glad to get some attention, and my knees will be grateful for the rest! :)ReplyCancel