“ok, you can have the baby now!”  i proclaimed as i entered the labor and delivery room (somehow thinking that of course she was waiting for me to arrive as i had no choice but to attend classes that morning to take a test that i wouldn’t have been able to make-up).

“doing my best,” was my mother’s reply.

ten years ago today, we (my dad, older and younger sisters, and younger brother – yeah, and of course my mom, too) were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the youngest member of our family – sweet jeremiah, or jerms as we so affectionately nick-named him.  this baby had been prayed for – well, for years…and he was about to make his debut.

i’ll never forget those moments, or the fun my sister and i had as we practiced our amateur photography skills out on him over the next few years, not to mention the joy we captured in video taping his stages of development that are finally accessible on dvd thanks to my dad.

fast forward to today, october 27, 2010.  he is quite grown up and an uncle to three little ones who completely adore him.

happy birthday, baby bro.  i love you!

(and thank you for loving me even though your gift is going to be a little late – it’s on its way, promise!)


i took these pictures shortly after starting my in-home studio down in discovery bay.  jeremy was 7.

here he is being an awesome uncle and reading to his niece, reaghan, when he came and stayed with us for a week this past july.

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  • October 29, 2010 - 8:40 am

    Jerms - Thanks big sister, I received the gift yesterday. Can’t wait to see you.