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these three little words mean so much to me.  especially because i have endured the trial of a crashed external hard drive, lost data on laptops, and burned disks till they’re coming out my ears.  i’ve tried to save a little money over the years at the expense of my sanity.  but no more!  i took the plunge and, at my husband’s recommendation, purchased a drobo.

a what?!?  it’s a small black box that will backup my photography business.  it is a ‘network attached storage’ device and will solve many small issues that compound into large problems. the technical details can be found at the drobo website…but all i need to know is that it will work…and my husband assures me that it will.

drobo knows the importance of branding. and it is even reflected in their packaging.

and so, it is with great anticipation that i look forward to our next project – wiring and networking.  and cleaning out cd’s.  and sorting through my external hard drive.  and simplifying yet another essential part of running a business…storage.

drobo, i look forward to seeing what you can do.

Reece + Katrina are a husband and wife photography duo who specialize in weddings and high school seniors.

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