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Reece has known Drake since before he was born.  But that story isn’t very interesting.  Ok, maybe it is, but Reece isn’t writing this post, so you get to read my story instead.

I’ve known Drake since he was a baby.  I loved babysitting him – and always gave into him when he asked ever so nicely to have just one more book read to him before bedtime.  When he was in first grade, I started dating his big brother so I saw him a lot more.  I would get to hear him do his daily reading and spelling word practice after dinner, and I was the cause of much frustration for him as his brother started spending a little more time away from home than usual.  We have since developed a great relationship – you know, one of those brother/sister-in-law relationships where you have the ability to pick on each other as much as you want.  As we drove around Oakley and Brentwood, I thought of all the awesomely embarrassing stories I could write about in this post…but, I’ll refrain in order to maintain our friendship (but if you ask me in a private message, I might not be able to help myself).   *wink*

Drakie, you have grown into a handsome, God-fearing man, and I am blessed to have you as part of my family.  I look forward to seeing where the future takes you.


Drake will be graduating from Freedom High School in 2013.  He plays on the school’s Varsity tennis team and recently completed a 8-2 season receiving the Coach’s Award and the Sportsmanship Award.

Drake started playing guitar around 4th grade.  His favorite song was “Smoke on the Water” (and I often wondered if he was ever going to learn anything else…j/k…kinda).  TJ Hill was his first guitar teacher, and after TJ moved, he had one other before he self-taught the rest.  He is involved in Leadership and plays/sings with one of the High School Worship Teams at Golden Hills Community Church.

Drake has not yet decided on the direction he wants to go when he is finished with High School, or where he will attend college (contemplating several options), but he still has time to figure all that out.


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