I can’t be the only one…

I have commitment issues.  There.  I said it.  I realized this tonight while washing the dishes.  What do dishes have to do with commitment?  Well, take a trip into my scattered mind, and maybe you’ll begin to understand me…or just become more confused.

By day I am a seventh grade teacher.  My students can attest to the fact that I am very easily distracted lately – or at least I can’t seem to maintain one clear, consistent thought for very long. This can work to their advantage as they have become quite skilled at turning a conversation away from types of muscle tissue to something like snowboarding or taking a nap.  They have tried to have a class experiment to see how long it takes for everyone to fall asleep – or at least that’s what we’d tell the principal if he surprised us with a visit during this “experiment”.  There I go again.

Anyway, my mind will quickly switch from one topic to the next at any point of day.  While I was washing the dishes this evening I thought about many things.  I thought about the grammar tests I need to grade.  I thought about photos that are waiting to be edited.  I thought about the website and if we did a decent job of portraying who we are as a couple, as a family, and as photographers.  And then…then I thought about my dishes.

My mind went back in time to when I was planning to move out of my parents house – at some point.  Christmas and my birthday were drawing near and I couldn’t decide on anything that I needed or wanted on my gift list.  My mom suggested that she start buying me things for my future place.  Totally awesome, right?  Every time I went out I walked through the home goods isles and tried to imagine my future home.  And it happened.  I realized that I couldn’t decide on a red kitchen, a blue kitchen, a green kitchen, or any kitchen at all for that matter.  I have commitment issues…with color.  While washing dishes this evening I realized that we still have the same plates that my mom bought me all those years ago – over ten years at least.  And what color are they?  They’re white.  I remember my sister saying that she helped my mom find them because she knew I liked white.  My reasoning?  White goes with everything.  Of course I like white.  I can decide on the color of my kitchen later, and my dishes will always match.  The only problem is that I still don’t have color in my kitchen!  The white plates match the white walls really well…

Seriously though, only crazy people need to match their dishes with the kitchen decor.  It’s official.  Katrina is crazy.





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