cliff lake.

i have had the recent privilege of getting to know a young family from church over shared tales of child rearing, really good food, and a world series game.  reaghan has made a new friend as well.

one of the benefits that comes from interacting with this family, is their passion for exploring new places (don’t worry guys, we like you for more than just that reason)!  when reece and i first moved to mount shasta, i was quite the explorer and hiked to many places.  once reaghan was born, i managed to let myself become one of those “i can’t go anywhere because i have a kid” people…yeah, i can’t believe it either! many thanks to the suess family for giving me a reason to get out again!

on saturday while reece was at the ski patrol refresher, reaghan and i got. out. of. the. house!  we met up with our friends and attempted a stroll to mossbrae falls, but apparently the trail is under construction for an unknown amount of time.  so, we hoped for the best (weather wise) and drove to five thousand-some-odd-feet in elevation to visit cliff lake instead.  apparently this is one of many of mount shasta’s best kept secrets…mainly because i had never heard of it. ;P  thanks to our new-found friends and a hobby of studying topography maps, i now know where it is and how to get there (if i can remember where the pile of rocks and marked tree are on the side of the road where you’re supposed to turn off).

i will be going back soon – to hike up higher and get a view of the entire lake…with a different lens, too.

reaghan was so excited to get out of the backpack…

(don’t you just love her new hat?  i can tell you where to get one!!)

reaghan and carson – hiking buds.

reaghan was not happy with mommy when she wasn’t allowed to crawl around in the dirt…

but i did let her play in the snow!

me and my baby girl…

our hiking buddies…

on the way back we rotated packs – and i took advantage of not having a baby on my back.  some of the trail was snowy…

and some was a little rocky…

thanks again for a super fun afternoon, guys!! (and for managing to get me to take a break from everything around the house, too!)

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  • November 16, 2010 - 8:21 am

    Marjana - Such cute photos of the kids! Look forward to hiking up there.ReplyCancel

  • November 17, 2010 - 9:15 am

    Harmony - Bub asked me if you had posted any photos of Cliff Lake… he wanted to see how you interpreted it with cloudy skies :^) Nice work. And what an adorable little girl. Thanks for going with us! Let’s do another.ReplyCancel