change is good

“you did it again?!?!?!”  my sister said in exasperation as she entered the bedroom.  discovering that i had been hiding in there for the past hour was the least of her concern.  the new location of her bed, dresser, and belongings was what was alarming.  she’d sigh and tell me if she liked this new arrangement or not.  if she did, she’d ask me to let it stay that way for a while.  if she didn’t, she’d give me permission to keep working on it.  with or without permission, i was sure to do it again…in a few months.  or weeks.  or whenever i got bored with it.  or whenever i had nothing better to do.

…this not only happened to my older sister time and time again, but my younger sister as well.  i somehow developed super human strength for a young kid and managed to re-arrange furniture (including a solid-wood set of bunk beds my dad made) more times a year than i care to admit.  when i became a teacher, my classes got to enjoy re-arranged desks on an almost weekly basis.  i like to blame it on the fact that i enjoy cleanliness.  and for some strange reason, re-arranging furniture helps me to do a deeper cleaning than just a surface lift.

my website is kind of like my bedroom. it is a place that defines me in style and personality.  or, at least it should be.  in the past year and a half, i have had three different websites.  as of today, make that….four!  but with this new design, i am excited to finally look at it and say “this is me!”  so please, head on over and take a look – i’d love to hear from you!

want to know how all this is possible?  well, first, i have the best. husband. ever.  i know i say it all the time, but he really is the greatest.  he is so patient with me, and has worked so hard to get my vision into the form of a website – something that i have no skills in…whatsoever.  i could design until my eyes fall out and i still wouldn’t have a website that looked anything like what i imagined.  he makes my ideas happen – and adds in a few of his own to make it even better than what i came up with.  i love him.

second, i use showit.  i love showit.  and saying i love showit isn’t really even strong enough.  i love the people, the community, the support studs, and the idea in general.  paying a low flat monthly rate and having the freedom to be me (i.e. change things around all the time) is really quite wonderful.  and i like to think that my husband is grateful i seem to have grown out of the obsession…as it relates to furniture in our home…because i’ve put all that crazy energy into the website instead.

well, that’s quite enough about me!  go on over and take a look!!

happy saturday!!

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Reece + Katrina are a husband and wife photography duo who specialize in weddings and high school seniors.

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  • February 19, 2011 - 10:52 pm

    lizzie lou who (again) - Katie! Your website is beautiful and super easy to navigate through. I like all the transitions and how it is set up. Good job, ReeRee!

    I can’t wait to look at it with the artist herself in person :)ReplyCancel

    • February 20, 2011 - 5:39 am

      katrina - thanks so much, lizzy! easy to navigate was one of the big requirements – i’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks we succeeded in that ;)ReplyCancel