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Category Archives: personal

Tales from a Toddler

This conversation/monologue took place at approximately 12:45 on Tuesday afternoon on our way from Preschool to pick up ...View full post »

To Live…To Live Would Be An Awfully Great Adventure

Normally Katrina writes all our blog posts. It’s part of our workflow. He does this, she does that. Today, I felt ...View full post »

Kenzington – Sweet One Year Old

The evolution of nicknames in the Miller household… Kenzie Kenzirellie Rellie Kenzieyama Yamagucci Gucci Gooch W...View full post »

Rooblish | Mount Shasta Photographer

“I need pooktakes” (toothpaste) “acapibba” (caterpillar) “fweagas” (fingers) “...View full post »

Days with Kenzington | Mount Shasta Photographer

“Uh oh!” she says, leaning to look as she drops yet another object down to the floor. She’ll wave, cla...View full post »

9 Months Goes So Fast

Our sweet little peanut, Kenzington, is growing into quite the little lady.  Somehow in only the 50th percentile for he...View full post »

To the Man I Love…

I love you because… * you love the Lord with all your heart and desire for your family to be united in Him. * you ...View full post »

On being a mom…(and chocolate chip cookies)

In continual efforts of keepin’ it real, being a mom means… * finally getting around to cleaning the smeared...View full post »

Axie Wexie

A friend is someone you can go months without seeing, but when you do get together you can pick up right where you left ...View full post »

School Days Are Here!

“What did you do today, Sweetie?”  I asked as Reaghan climbed into her carseat yesterday afternoon. “...View full post »

The Smell of Summer

It happened.  As soon as we arrived after our tiresome journey (something like four whole miles), I stepped out of the ...View full post »

Tori and Matt | Hyatt Regency Sacramento Wedding

Just two days ago my sweet cousin Tori got married to her best friend, Matt.  As I witnessed them vow to be there for o...View full post »

8 Months of Blessings

When we had our first born, our lives were full.  Full of joy, wonder, amazement, diapers, and most of all, LOVE. And t...View full post »

Experiencing Disneyland Through the Eyes of a Child

{This post contains vacation photos. I repeat, vacation photos. A combination of cell phone shots, images captured by re...View full post »

My Little Princesses

I get asked regularly for tips on how I get both my girls to look at the camera – and look happy – at the sa...View full post »

4th of July Fun! | Mount Shasta Fireworks

4 firework shows in 5 days! Phew! That’s how many Reece and Tom put together anyway.  I only dragged the girls ou...View full post »

Patriotic Cuteness

It’s that time again…time for a good and healthy dose of cuteness, and it is festive to boot! Happy Independ...View full post »

Summertime is here!

Summertime is finally here!  At least according to my calendar it is.  For the rest of you it might not actually begin...View full post »

Spring has Sprung

It’s springtime!  And even though that usually means freezing temps and snow in Mt. Shasta, for Reaghan it has me...View full post »

Shayne is One!

Somehow, and I have no idea how, but the sweet little niece who’s birth I photographed not too long ago has alread...View full post »

Jasmine Star’s “the Fix” | San Francisco

It was their second-to-last stop on a 5 week, 12 city tour across the US.  Jasmine Star‘s theFIX.  We pulled up ...View full post »

I can’t be the only one…

I have commitment issues.  There.  I said it.  I realized this tonight while washing the dishes.  What do dishes hav...View full post »