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Dena and Hoya | San Francisco Engagement

Dena and Hoya first met in Korea but would spend the majority of their budding relationship countries apart.  We hadView full post »

Donnetta and Erick | Mount Shasta Engagement Session

She feels bad to this day about how it all took place.  After a long weekend with the family and little sleep, she wasView full post »

Catherine and Josh | Benicia Engagement Session

We’ve been meeting many of our couples through skype lately, so it’s always an awesome time when we get toView full post »

Bri and Matthew | Brentwood Engagement

She is from Northern California.  He is from Pennsylvania.  She worked in the cafeteriaView full post »

Delanie and Seth | Mount Shasta Engagement

They met in high school years ago.  But “it” didn’t really begin until they reconnected on FacebookView full post »

Michelle and Nick | Mount Shasta Engagement

“Don’t you think castles are romantic?” he asked.  With all the pictures of battles and lives lost atView full post »

Ciara and Jude | Santa Barbara Engagement

This adorable couple came to the Four Seasons Resort to model for a mock engagement/posing practice while were were downView full post »

Clara and Jerry | Redding Engagement Pictures

Their paths crossed on a mission trip back in 2008, and their lives were forever changed.  Rhema of Rhema FaithView full post »

Chris and Ryan | Disneyland Engagement Session

While wrapping up reception coverage at Amanda and Joshua’s wedding last October, Reece mentioned that he hadView full post »

Katie and Danyel | Brentwood Engagement Session

Some of the greatest discoveries are made when we allow God to take the reigns in our lives…even in the midst ofView full post »

Jenna and Anthony | Martinez Engagement Session | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Inseparable.  That’s what they are.  Even after eight years they still desire to be with each other every momentView full post »

United 2013 – Part 1

Back in February, Reece and I were able to take a little getaway without the girls down to Santa Barbara for United 2013View full post »

Michelle and Don | Mount Shasta Engagement Session | Mount Shasta Photographer

He says it was the best twenty dollars he ever spent.  Don was matched with Michelle just two weeks after he joinedView full post »

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

Emily and Justin | Santa Barbara Engagement

Just a short while ago, Reece and I had the opportunity to travel down to Santa Barbara for United 2013 – aView full post »

Amanda and Joshua | East Bay Engagement Session

They were brought together just in time to be separated.  She went to North Africa, he went to Belgium.  But theView full post »

Marjana and AJ | Mount Shasta Engagement Shoot

Marjana & AJ have been good friends of ours for years…unfortunately, er um, IView full post »

Erica and Robert | San Francisco Engagement Session

Born and raised in the east bay, they met when her father introduced them at church lastView full post »

Heather and Ryan | Brentwood Engagement Session

They were matched on December 6, 2010 and spent 10 days getting to know each other through various means of technologyView full post »

Las Vegas Workshop | Zach and Jody Gray Engagement Shoot

We have been following Zach and Jody Gray for quite some time now. They are an amazing husband and wife weddingView full post »

Rebecca & Ben | Redwood City Engagement

For eighteen years he held on to it – a single red rose that would hold a promise for someone special. Someone toView full post »