blackberry pie.

anyone that knows me is aware that i get excited over little things.  yummy dessert is one of those things.  well, really just yummy food in general – and if it’s easy, well that’s just a treat in itself.

so, easy…yummy…sweet?  i’m hooked.  blackberry pie is one of those easy, yummy, sweet things that i love.  (confession: i used to be such a wimp.  for years the only fruit pie i’d ever put in my mouth was apple.  then i met some wonderful mount shastians who served a berry dessert and i didn’t want to be rude so i took my serving and….woah!  I WAS MISSING OUT! instant fan.

now i’m a mount shastian myself and just happen to own a piece of property with a large…make that crazy overgrown…blackberry patch.  the jam and pies could be coming out of my ears had i had the time to pick as much as i wanted to.  next year.


you start out with some nice, plump blackberries.  watch out, the branches like to attack…and once they do, they don’t like to let go (the war wounds have been known to sting for a few days following).

clean the berries, and spread in the pie crust.  here’s where i get creative.  instead of the traditional two-crust berry pie, i like to make a crisp for the top (and if the berries are really sweet, i don’t add any extra sugar to them as the topping takes care of it).

crisp topping: 1 cup oats, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup softened butter (not melted or you’ll end up with mush and a very hard layer).

bake at 450 for 45min-1hr on a cookie sheet or you risk needing a good oven cleaning.

all members of the family will enjoy it!

ta da.  sweet…easy…and quite delicious!

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