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Author Archives: Katrina

Clara and Jerry | Redding Engagement Pictures

Their paths crossed on a mission trip back in 2008, and their lives were forever changed.  Rhema of Rhema Faith Photogr...View full post »

Chris and Ryan | Disneyland Engagement Session

While wrapping up reception coverage at Amanda and Joshua’s wedding last October, Reece mentioned that he had conn...View full post »

Introducing After Dark…for Seniors! | Northern California Senior Portrait Photographer

What’s better than a full, two hour senior model experience with Reece and Katrina?  Why, an extra half hour afte...View full post »

Gloria – Class of 2013 | Bay Area Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Gloria, another gorgeous east bay soon-to-be high school graduate.  Gloria was another volunteer for our exciting ...View full post »

Emily – Class of 2013 | East Bay Senior Portrait Photographer

We had the pleasure of meeting Emily a few weeks back for a mini senior portrait session.  Emily volunteered to help us...View full post »

Charlie | Bay Area Photographer

I have been photographing the Logan family since their firstborn was one week old.  That little guy, now 5 1/2 years ol...View full post »

Julie and Luke, plus 3! | Bay Area Photographer

My sister and brother-in-law are just about ready to welcome a third little princess to their family!  We managed to ge...View full post »

Katie and Danyel | Brentwood Engagement Session

Some of the greatest discoveries are made when we allow God to take the reigns in our lives…even in the midst of a...View full post »

Jenna and Anthony | Martinez Engagement Session | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Inseparable.  That’s what they are.  Even after eight years they still desire to be with each other every moment...View full post »

United 2013 – Part 1

Back in February, Reece and I were able to take a little getaway without the girls down to Santa Barbara for United 2013...View full post »

Michelle and Don | Mount Shasta Engagement Session | Mount Shasta Photographer

He says it was the best twenty dollars he ever spent.  Don was matched with Michelle just two weeks after he joined mat...View full post »

Grayson Marshall | Shasta County Photographer

Every new life is a miracle, and the incredibly amazing process by which a child forms in his mother’s womb and is...View full post »

Elizabeth – Class of 2014 | Senior Portrait Photographer

Last weekend Reece and I had the opportunity to fly back to New Jersey for a whirlwind weekend celebrating his wonderful...View full post »

Tales from a Toddler

This conversation/monologue took place at approximately 12:45 on Tuesday afternoon on our way from Preschool to pick up ...View full post »

Drake – Class of 2013…Part 2 | Mount Shasta Senior Photographer

Ahhh Drakie…having started off as one of his babysitters when he was barely able to walk, to now having been his s...View full post »

Joyce and Vitor | Brazillian Room Wedding | Berkeley Wedding Photographer

Woah are we behind on blogging or what?!  Make sure you’re following our facebook page so you don’t miss ou...View full post »

Emily and Justin | Santa Barbara Engagement

Just a short while ago, Reece and I had the opportunity to travel down to Santa Barbara for United 2013 – a photog...View full post »

Claryssa – Class of 2014 | Mount Shasta Senior Photographer

After one year of residing in Mount Shasta, I quickly learned the ins-and-outs of seniority and how things work in the p...View full post »

Class of 2013 – You Are Almost There!

You thought the day would never come – the day you graduate from High School…and now it is less than 6 month...View full post »

What a Wonderful Year of LOVE!

As we look back over 2012 we are so thankful for the many new friends we have made.  It has been an exciting year ̵...View full post »

Kenzington – Sweet One Year Old

The evolution of nicknames in the Miller household… Kenzie Kenzirellie Rellie Kenzieyama Yamagucci Gucci Gooch W...View full post »

The M Family | East Bay Photographer

“Ah, I was just wondering What Katie Did,” I would hear as the door opened following my knock.  You’d...View full post »

Amanda and Joshua | Brentwood Golf Club Wedding

They have traveled for years – each journey bringing them closer despite the distances that separated them.  But ...View full post »

Erica and Dana | Sonoma Valley Wedding

This year Reece and Katrina decided they wanted to make themselves available to assist other photographers whenever poss...View full post »